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The National Center for Technological Studies (ceten) is an initiative of researchers, academics and professionals from different national universities in Argentina. ceten links the public and private sector, while developing innovative solutions at productive, cultural and social level. Likewise, ceten aims to promote technology transferences, organizational and institutional strengthening and sustainable development.

ceten´s multidisciplinary team is proficient experienced in the formulation of public policies, organizational strategies, institution-building programs, monitoring and evaluation tools (M&E), as well as in technical and social studies’ research; systems’ design and management and innovative cultural projects. ceten is able to tailor its services to the needs of client organizations with solutions in the short, medium and long terms. Thus, systemic, creative, responsible and client-oriented solutions for new markets and social contexts are crafted.



Our mission is to participate actively in the technological development to promote processes of technology transference for organizational strengthening, while impacting on improving society’s quality of life.



ceten´s vision is to position itself among the leading partner organizations of the State, universities and corporations, in the process of promoting technological development. 


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