Unit for Technologic Linking - UVT

The Law for “Promotion and Development of Technological Innovation” contemplates the participation of Liaison Offices for Transference of Technology, in order to encourage and facilitate interaction between knowledge generation and application.

Like UVT, ceten promotes cooperation between public and private sectors to encourage technology transfer according to the needs imposed by policies for regional development in a context of complexification of social systems.

UVTs facilitate with their structures the management and organization of projects. As a result, support for initiatives to improve productive and commercial activities is provided and access to public financing instruments is granted.

Our objetives

- generate effective links between the productive and scientific-technological sector in the country.

- collaborate with institutions and research centers to successfully transfer their developments and achievements, ensuring intellectual property rights and creating financing alternatives that provide support and continuity to its activity.

- identify the needs of businesses in relation to the incorporation of new technologies and innovations that add value to their processes.

- provide information and advice for access to financing instruments.

- assist in project formulation, organization and management of transfer processes.

- participate in local development from the perspective of sustainable ecosystems.

The first step in solving a problem is to understand it.

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